Warren Field, Crathes, Aberdeenshire: timber hall
The building excavated in 2004 by Murray Archaeological Services Ltd was 24m long and 9m wide externally, with fairly straight side walls and rounded ends. The interior, which was c.22.5 x 8m and divided by partitions into four distinct areas. A large pit was situated on the long axis at each end of the building. Most of the timbers in the external walls had been charred, in many cases extending to and including the base of the post.  In some instances the charring was up to 50-60mm thick, resulting in the survival of a charred outer casing of the timber around the rotted core.

Schematic of Crathes Hall site

Analysis of the 21 radiocarbon measurements obtained from the charred structural timbers and charcoal from post-holes provides estimates for the start of the use of the hall of 3820-3720 cal BC (95% probability; Boundary start;)and very probably 3810-3760 cal BC (68% probability) and the end of use of 3780-3690 cal BC (95% probability; end) and very probably 3780-3700 cal BC (68% probability).  The span of use of the hall is estimated at 1-90 years (95% probability; and probably 1-50 years (68% probability). 

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